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ANO forensic examination Krymsudekspert
Ukraine, The Autonomous Republic Of Crimea, Sevastopol, Ochakovtsev, 36, 18

tel. +79787458470
ANO forensic expertise "Krymsudexpert" provides services in the field of forensic examinations and extrajudicial research in the following areas:
1. Forensic construction and technical expertise in the following specializations:
- study of construction sites and the territory functionally related to them, including for the purpose of assessing them;
- study of construction projects in order to establish the possibility of their real division between the owners in accordance with the conditions set by the court; development of variants of the specified section;
- study of design documentation, construction projects in order to establish their compliance with the requirements of special rules. Determination of the technical state, reasons, conditions, circumstances and the mechanism of destruction of construction objects, partial or complete loss of their functional, operational, aesthetic and other properties;
- research of construction objects, their individual fragments, engineering systems, equipment and communications in order to establish the volume, quality and cost of work performed, materials and products used;
- investigation of premises of residential, administrative, industrial and other buildings damaged by the bay (fire) in order to determine the cost of their refurbishment.
2. Judicial land management expertise (study of land management objects and land plots, including the definition of their boundaries on the ground).
3. Forensic appraisal examination.
4. Forensic handwriting examination (handwriting research conducted to determine the performer of handwritten texts, short notes and signatures, as well as the conditions for their implementation.).
5. Forensic technical examination of documents (establishment of the circumstances of the production of documents: features of the application of requisites (signatures, seals, stamps), the use of equipment, materials and substances).
6. Forensic soil science expertise (study of objects of soil origin).
7. Forensic botanical examination (research of objects of plant origin).
8. Forensic ecological expertise (study of the ecological state of objects of soil-geological origin).
9. Forensic auto commodity examination.
10. Forensic transport and traceological examination.

Additional services:
1. Conclusions made within the SRO admission in the field of engineering surveys:
- inspection of building structures of buildings and structures (including for the recognition of a house as emergency);
- survey of a garden house for recognition as a residential building (for the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Sevastopol).
2. Independent appraisal of all types of property, property rights, intangible assets and business.
3. Cadastral works.
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